Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final Image for the Piece

Final Image for the Project
For the final piece, I decided to add a red gradient instead of the stark orange background.  Also, I decided to change many of the outlines of the piece to much darker lines to show an overall cohesiveness in the piece.  Overall, I am very happy with the final outcome and am glad that I went through the piece and changed the very " abstract out of the line style" into a much more geometric and structured grid-lock.

For my process of the work, I began by bringing in a  previous drawing of the outlines of the buildings.  Some of the buildings were not cohesive so I added buildings drawn in photoshop.  In the piece, I utilized the clone tool throughout the piece by copying specific colors from the cogs and dispersing them throughout the piece.  For the highlights around the cogs, I used the burn and dodge tool in the shadows of the red cogs as well as in the buildings.  The masking tool was utilized in the bottom two buildings to give the sort of transparent feeling in the piece.
At the end of the piece, I changed the gradation of the piece by adding a reddish color in the background.  Since the image was not as dark of a color as I would have liked, I used color corrections to implement a darker red.

Statement for Content:

In this piece, I wanted to use repetition, unity in color, and continuity to enhance the piece. 
The cogs have a similar repetitive, gridlock pattern that is seen from the bottom of the picture plane to the top of the piece.  Along with this repetitive pattern, the cogs show a similar unity of color of black and blue to bring an element of cohesiveness.  Also adding to this cohesion is the red bridge that is seen throughout specific areas of the piece to guide the viewer through the hectic maze.
Inspired by Amy Casey, I wanted to create my love of architecture into a surrealist, transformative way.  The images of the houses appear to be coming in and out of the cog shapes.  These images of the buildings act as the recurring image that moves throughout the piece.   Although each building is structurally different, I wanted there to be a unique style of similarity inside of each building.   

When viewing the work, the bottom of the piece is representational of the stark, polluted city we live in.  The cogs are larger and encompass the city scene to represent the mass production that takes over us.  Also alluding to this theme is the buildings, which are dispersed throughout the piece to showcase this lack of order.  Although buildings implement structure in space, I wanted these houses to juxtapose this idea to leave the viewer feeling that the buildings could collapse at any moment.  Overall, I wanted the viewer to understand this sense of imbalance and chaos that I feel exists in this world.

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