Saturday, April 26, 2014

Movie Poster

In this assignment, we had to create a movie poster that portrayed our papercraft character.  Therefore, I decided to create a theme that was symbolic of Alfred Hitckcock’s, “The Birds.”  Since my owls look playful and harmless, I thought that using this “scary” theme of “The Birds” would be a hilarious representation.  In the first draft, I wanted the poster to look as though 100s of owls were coming to capture me.  However, I felt this design did not cause an even flow for the eye to be drawn to.  Therefore, for my second design, I used hierarchy in the characters to make it looks as though there was an endless swarm of owls capturing me. If I had to change anything in the piece, I think I would combine content from both movie posters into one new piece.  I would take the positioning of the birds in the first piece and the font from the second movie poster and combine the two.  I feel in the first image that what was not working properly was the intense amount of black in the face.  If there was a smoother transition from the orange to the black, I feel it might have made the piece more believable.  In the second movie poster, I feel that what was not working was the overall muted color palette of the image.  Shine and polish needed to be implemented in the piece; perhaps I could have highlighted the face with white as well as the text.  Also, in the second piece, I felt the color of the background green was too similar to the owls and this could possibly be another reason why the overall saturation and polish of the piece was not implemented.

For the text of the posters, I felt neither of the fonts were utilized in the best way.  In the first peace, I wanted "The Hoots" to be similar to the font of the 1950s movies posters.  Although that text compositionally works, the small text on the bottom of the piece however does not.  I feel that changing the kerning as well as making the text stream down the entire bottom of the poster, it would work better.   For the second piece,  "The Hoots" text does compositionally work better; however, like the first poster, the small text does not work properly.  Perhaps I could again make the kerning more close to each other as well as make the text on the bottom a single line of text.

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