Thursday, May 1, 2014

Booklet for Digital Foundations

In this booklet, I wanted to stick with complete simplicity.  I used a muted color scheme of brown and blue in the cover and back of the booklet to replicate a 1950s feel.  For this project, we had to use InDesign for the first time.  After using InDesign, I found it quite helpful and easy to use overall. I created the elongated font in InDesign and the cover design in Illustrator.  For this booklet, I thought to use only two different types of text to create cohesion throughout.  The booklet itself is 10 pages and includes a Table Of Contents.  For the design of each page, I wanted the name of the assignment to be next the page number and the name of my art piece in the top of the image.  If I had to change anything in the booklet, I might want to make each of the pages the same blue that was seen in the front of the booklet.  Overall, I'm very happy with how my booklet turned off.  I fell I finally was able to create simplicity in a sleek and minimalistic way.

Different Ideas for the Final Piece as well as Stages in the Piece

The last image shows the progress of work that I made towards creating a more abstract look. However, I felt that the overall image did not work cohesively because the painted parts in the scene replicated the same level of saturation and hue which caused a muted color palette in the piece and did not bring a polished look to the piece.  I feel the painterly look would work if I used a flat palette throughout the piece instead of highlighting specific parts.  I came to the conclusion that created an outline of pen work helped the balance of the work and left the viewer to see more detail.  Also, another idea I had done in the middle of my process was to create a new composition by taking specific pieces of my main images and forming a new art piece.  However, I feel that my final version of the piece implemented the main focus the best.  Overall in the future I am going to take this abstract look and implement it into a new work of art to where the balance of pen work and paint is dispersed evenly throughout the piece.

Inspiration Artist for My Final Project

Amy Casey

She creates buildings that are similar to the scheme I wish to portray.  Just like with the message I wish to portray, her buildings lack stability and the leave the viewer feeling a sense of chaos.  Amy Casey's Artist Statement