Thursday, May 1, 2014

Booklet for Digital Foundations

In this booklet, I wanted to stick with complete simplicity.  I used a muted color scheme of brown and blue in the cover and back of the booklet to replicate a 1950s feel.  For this project, we had to use InDesign for the first time.  After using InDesign, I found it quite helpful and easy to use overall. I created the elongated font in InDesign and the cover design in Illustrator.  For this booklet, I thought to use only two different types of text to create cohesion throughout.  The booklet itself is 10 pages and includes a Table Of Contents.  For the design of each page, I wanted the name of the assignment to be next the page number and the name of my art piece in the top of the image.  If I had to change anything in the booklet, I might want to make each of the pages the same blue that was seen in the front of the booklet.  Overall, I'm very happy with how my booklet turned off.  I fell I finally was able to create simplicity in a sleek and minimalistic way.

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