Thursday, May 1, 2014

Different Ideas for the Final Piece as well as Stages in the Piece

The last image shows the progress of work that I made towards creating a more abstract look. However, I felt that the overall image did not work cohesively because the painted parts in the scene replicated the same level of saturation and hue which caused a muted color palette in the piece and did not bring a polished look to the piece.  I feel the painterly look would work if I used a flat palette throughout the piece instead of highlighting specific parts.  I came to the conclusion that created an outline of pen work helped the balance of the work and left the viewer to see more detail.  Also, another idea I had done in the middle of my process was to create a new composition by taking specific pieces of my main images and forming a new art piece.  However, I feel that my final version of the piece implemented the main focus the best.  Overall in the future I am going to take this abstract look and implement it into a new work of art to where the balance of pen work and paint is dispersed evenly throughout the piece.

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